The Great Palm Tree Beach Tiki Bar Tragedy

So Much Fun in the Sun

Reviewed by Mary Alderson

The very wealthy widow, Tabitha Tahabra, lands in a helicopter to open her new, tropical resort. She suddenly drops dead, much to everyone’s horror. It’s later confirmed she was poisoned. The murder has taken place in the midst of a room crowded with diners at Globus Theatre, just south of Bobcaygeon.

A shady group of suspects are on hand at Tata’s Bar (Tata is a term of endearment for the late Tabitha.) Who killed dear Tata?  Could it be Casey James, the events manager at her resort? Casey is a likely suspect, especially when he admits to having an affair with her but then something happens to exonerate him and changes everything. Maybe it’s the very strange and suspicious brother and sister duo of Roger and Allison Goodsort who ended Tabitha’s life.

Or could it be Stu Studly, the Mayor of Hotcajun. Stu’s platform is that he cannot be bribed, because he has no secrets. He claims he is always open and above board: for example, he doesn’t hide his rampant corruption or election rigging. Another likely suspect is Humphrey Hardacre, the bongo playing proprietor of Joes’ Crab Shack, next door to Tabitha’s steamy southern resort. Humphrey, who prefers a life of surfing and meditation, is jealous of the attention his neighbour’s resort is getting.

No spoilers here, you have to see this zany improv production and figure out for yourself whodunnit. There is great fun to be had in the hunt.

Guests for this murder mystery are invited to dress for the part in their resort casual wear – from colourful Hawaiian shorts, to cool and breezy floor-length dresses. They are encouraged to come as their alter ego, and there are prizes for those who are able to indict the murderer.

Artistic Director Sarah Quick has developed another of her famous murder mystery plots and her cast of clever improv artists takes it from there. Similar to those presented in recent years, (The Great Cottage Catastrophe; The Great 44th Fowler’s Falls Fall Fair Disaster; and Murder at the Match: A World Cup Murder Mystery) this summer’s The Great Palm Tree Beach Tiki Bar Tragedy has a carefully designed plot which allows for plenty of off-the-cuff twists and turns with audience interaction.

Instead of the served dinners usually offered before the shows at Globus Theatre, a scrumptious buffet is offered around the action. First delicious hors d’oeuvres are served as we meet all the characters. Then the main course buffet and dessert buffet are available. The suspects/actors roam about the dining room, stopping to talk to the tourists about the tragedy, so everyone can collect clues.

There are always plenty of laughs at the Globus’s murder mystery shows. The actors toss out funny lines, or humour is created by an audience member’s take on the dialogue. The cast has a knack for finding audience members who are happy to participate.

Kudos to Quick for creating this comedy and assembling a hilarious cast. Quick’s quick wit along with the cast’s,  and their ability to improvise each situation, furthers the story wends its way along.

A precious opportunity to laugh, which so many of us need right now, plus a delicious dinner with more than enough variety. Don’t miss the fun at the Tiki Bar!

The Great Palm Tree Beach Tiki Bar Tragedy continues at the Globus Theatre, Lakeview Arts Barn near Bobcaygeon, until July 29. Tickets are available by calling the Box Office at 705-738-2037 or 1-800-304-7897 or visit

Photo: The cast of The Great Palm Beach Tiki Bar Tragedy — Casey James (Kerry Griffin), Mayor Stu Studly (Connor Thompson),  Roger Goodsort (Dave Pearce), Allison Goodsort (Jennine Profeta), and seated in front is Humphrey Hardacre (Kevin Sepaul).

The Great Palm Beach Tiki Bar Tragedy
By Sarah Quick
Directed by no one. It’s improv, they make up the direction as they go along.
Performed by Sarah Quick, Kerry Griffin, Dave Pearce, Jennine Profeta, Connor Thompson, Kevin Sepaul, with a surprise appearance by James Barrett.
Globus Theatre, Lakeview Arts Barn, Bobcaygeon
July 19 to 29, 2023
Reviewed by Mary Alderson


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1 thought on “The Great Palm Tree Beach Tiki Bar Tragedy”

  1. Definitely a very entertaining show with plenty of laughter, and audience interaction. Lots of spontaneous dialogue by, and with, the performers. Well worth getting dressed up in themed clothing!
    A delicious buffet meal and fun activities are interspersed throughout the evening.
    Enjoy this unique and light-hearted evening. The show is great!

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