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The Full Monty – 2024

Taking It All Off Reviewed by Mary Alderson What does a guy do when he’s unemployed, has no money, and his ex-wife threatens to cut him off from his son because he’s behind in support payments? Well, in this case, he gets together with his unemployed friends, and puts together a group of male dancers to rival Chippendales. The Full Monty is live on stage at Port Hope’s Capitol Theatre. Like the popular 1997 movie, this group of down-and-out unemployed men are upset when their working wives can afford to go out for an evening and see a male striptease show when it comes to town. Jerry needs money fast for child support so he decides to get his buddies on board as male strippers and sell admission tickets. A problem arises when the group is promoted as being better than the Chippendales because they will go all the way, total nudity – The Full Monty – which the Chippendale pros won’t. Of course, this is without the usual male stripper physiques and a complete lack of dance moves. And therein lies the comedy. The show and the movie have the same basic plot and premise, although the movie was British, and the musical is set in Buffalo. But the main difference comes with the addition of music and  amusing lyrics. The six stripper-wannabes are all good in their roles: Gaelan Beatty as Jerry, Daniel Williston as Dave, Gavin Hope as Horse, Jacob MacInnis as Malcolm, Darren Burkett as Ethan, and Ian Simpson as Harold. They make the early rehearsals look like disasters, so the audience is rooting for them as they work on their act. Alex Wierzbicki shines (almost literally) as the Chippendale pro and in other roles. Donna Garner as their piano player, Jeannette, nearly steals the show ...
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This Day in Sports

What? Audience Participation is Welcome? by Mary Alderson When I go to the theatre, I want the audience to be quiet. No talking, no loud whispering, no phones buzzing. The great musical theatre star Patti LuPone has actually halted Broadway shows when audience members were making noise, calling them out for their lack of theatre etiquette. But I have just heard that there will be a show upcoming at the Globus near Bobcaygeon, where audience participation is encouraged. Sure, the Globus is famous for their murder mysteries where the actors visit the theatre-goers at their dinner tables and chat with them, but this is different. For Father’s Day Weekend, the Globus is presenting something new. On stage will be the creators of a popular podcast called This Day in Sports, Sandy Jobin-Bevin, Matt Kippen, and Mike Shara. They will be recording their usual podcast, but it will be in front of a live audience and they will be looking for audience members to respond. So, just to be clear, they haven’t turned their podcast into a play; the theatre audience will be part of a real podcast which will be aired sometime in the future. The trio have been doing This Day in Sports for about a year and a half. Shara, a self-admitted sports trivia nerd, picks a date in history and researches obscure, interesting and preferably funny sports facts. Then the three discuss the various topics, and invite guests to join them. It can be any sport – maybe hockey or baseball, the ones we Canadians know lots about, or it could be another less popular sport, and they will do their best to educate the listeners. And here’s why this podcast is working: These guys are funny! And they know funny! Sandy Jobin-Bevans has a history with ...
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