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Les Misérables – 2024

We Hear the People Sing One Day More Reviewed by Mary Alderson I just did a count – this marks the 10th time I have seen Les Mis. It is a brilliantly epic musical, with rousing anthems and heart-wrenching ballads. And if you’ve never seen it, you MUST. It’s on stage at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto until June 1. But I assume if you are reading this you are already a musical theatre fan and you have seen the show. If you haven’t seen it, you can read my synopsis as it will help in following the plot which is entirely sung. Either way, no spoiler alert is necessary: Les Mis is the musical version of Victor Hugo’s classic story. For the stage, we are first told the back story: Jean Valjean is caught stealing bread for his hungry sister and her children and is given 19 years of hard labour. When he gets out of jail, he is shown compassion by a priest and decides to live a better life. But to do that, he has to escape the relentless and revengeful Police Inspector Javert who wants to throw him back in jail. So Valjean lives under an assumed name, hides his past conviction, and becomes a successful businessman and benevolent mayor of a French town. When Fantine, one of his employees dies, he promises to raise her daughter. He saves little Cosette from the Thenardiers: a cruel couple who have been paid by Fantine to look after little Cosette. They have abused her, while spoiling their own little daughter Eponine. Circumstances force Valjean to reveal his true identity to save an innocent man, who is mistaken for him, from going to prison. So Valjean and his adopted daughter Cosette are on the run from Javert ...
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Tweed and Company announces 2024 Season

At Three Venues: the Bancroft Village Playhouse, the Marble Arts Centre, and the Tweed Outdoor Stage. The main stage season’s theatrical performances will kick off in June, starting with the Ontario premier of DEAR RITA. A musical celebration of Cape Breton’s iconic songstress and storyteller Rita MacNeil, audiences will be transported through her music and encouraged to embrace their own authenticity. Once the best-selling country artist in Canada, MacNeil will be channelled through a cast of actor-musicians that’ll sing and play their way into the hearts of audience members. Created by Lindsay Kyte and Mike Ross, the show will run at the Marble Arts Centre from June 5th to 8th and at the Bancroft Village Playhouse, from June 12th to 16th, 2024. This is the first time this celebrated show will play outsideof the Maritime provinces, after premiering at the Charlottetown festival. Then, Canada’s longest running and most popular production, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES – THE MUSICAL will go up at the Bancroft Village playhouse from July 17th to 28th, 2024. It’ll be the biggest production the company has done yet, featuring local and professional talent. Based on the beloved novel by L.M. Montgomery, the show follows the spirited Anne Shirley as she navigates her new home, friends, and neighbours. With a script by Donald Harron and music by Norman Campbell, this integral piece of Canadian theatre history will be filled with laughter, love, joy, and a touch of melodrama and romance. Rounding out the summer series will be a production of epic rock-and-roll proportions. The Tony Award-nominated, Broadway sensation MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET will be hitting the stage in both Tweed and Bancroft. A co-production with DreamCo theatre, this show will be directed by Tweed & Co favourite Phil Nero (director of last year’s Joseph). Featuring some of the world’s most ...
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