New Dunfield Theatre in Cambridge will do the job!

Come to Cambridge!

It’s not ostentatious, there’s nothing flowery or especially fancy about it. There’s no plush carpet, no crystal chandeliers dangling from the ceilings. It’s almost austere. But to a fan of live theatre, the new Dunfield Theatre in Cambridge is beautiful.

With walls of glass, the building is attractive enough from the outside. But there’s no flashing theatre marquee over the door. In fact, the beauty is in the simplicity.dunfield-theatre 2

Inside the 500 seat theatre, there is plenty of room. Seats are spacious, and like Huron County Playhouse, the rows are far apart enough that latecomers (and why is that latecomers are always seated in the centre?) can squeeze in without making everyone stand or step aside. The sight-lines are good and the sound is excellent. The stage includes the high ceiling so that scenes and backdrops can “fly” up for changes, and in fact, actors on stage can fly, too (and they make good use of that ability in Mary Poppins!)

The word that comes to mind is “serviceable”. This is a good serviceable theatre – any theatre goer will be able to concentrate on the story onstage and not be distracted by the surroundings.

Six years in the making, and costing $14 million, this theatre was built thanks to a partnership between the governments of Canada and Ontario, the City of Cambridge, Drayton Entertainment, and a donation from Dunfield Retirement homes.

The new theatre is located in the south end of Cambridge, in the old Galt area. It shares a parking lot with the various outlet stores located in the rustic old buildings that were once textile mills in Galt.

The new Dunfield Theatre is part of the Drayton Entertainment family, which includes the Drayton Festival Theatre (Drayton), King’s Wharf Theatre (Penetanguishene), Huron Country Playhouse & Playhouse II (Grand Bend), and the St. Jacobs Country Playhouse & Schoolhouse Theatre (St. Jacobs).

Congratulations to Drayton Entertainment – bringing a brand new theatre to fruition is no easy feat. We are fortunate it’s right here in southwestern Ontario. And that’s a beautiful thing!




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