A New York Weekend!

Next to Normal
Next to Normal

Just before Christmas, my son, Thomas & I had a great weekend taking in shows in New York City. We saw:

– Memphis

– Ragtime

– Finian’s Rainbow

– Next to Normal

All are great shows. Next to Normal with its rock music and story of the challenges of mental illness is completely mesmerizing. The show was so engaging that I felt exhausted when it was over.

The other three shows are interesting because of the similar themes: all three are about racial discrimination.

More about these later…


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5 thoughts on “A New York Weekend!”

  1. Nice going, Mary. Are you going to send this regularly, or keep it on going and I look for it when I wanrt to see what you are up to?

  2. Sharon Vanhevel

    Wonderful web-site Mary, Great job! Will be checking in regularily and have passed it on to Michael.

    All the best!

  3. Hi Jim
    Yes, I will continue to send out email annoucements every time I post a new review — and I will mention any new significant blogs at the same time.
    By the way, folks, Jim ….er…Mr. Newell… was my grade 10 English teacher at NLSS!

  4. Hi Sharon
    Tell Michael to read my blog on Courageous, if he’s looking for monologues for class or auditions!

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