It Runs in the Family

Written on July 22nd, 2022 | Posted in Archives

Piles of Humour Reviewed by Vicki Stokes Snowflakes are projected on the front curtain and soft Christmas music is playing. When the curtain rises, there’s a modestly decorated tree tucked off to the right side of the stage. On the other side of a window, a wee bit of snow is gently falling. Being sold […]

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Ride the Cyclone – The Musical

Written on July 21st, 2022 | Posted in Archives

Life After Death? Reviewed by Mary Alderson Tweed & Co. Theatre continues to grow, now offering performances in two venues: The Marble Arts Centre just north of Tweed and The Village Playhouse in Bancroft. Their season has just opened with the regional premiere of a relatively new musical Ride the Cyclone. This quirky one-act show […]

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Our House

Written on July 15th, 2022 | Posted in Archives

Home is Where the Heart Is Reviewed by Vicki Stokes While playwright and actor Murray Furrow was performing in Norm Foster’s My Hero at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre, his new comedic play was being rehearsed. Now that Furrow’s play Our House has opened to a full and enthusiastic audience, he must feel exhilarated. Our […]

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Stag & Doe

Written on July 10th, 2022 | Posted in Archives

Planning the Perfect Wedding – Oops! Reviewed by Mary Alderson In your corner of Canada, what do you call the big bash that’s held a week or two before the wedding? Is it a Stag and Doe, a Buck and Doe, a Jack and Jill, or a Social?  Is it a crazy-good party or a […]

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Rock ‘n’ Roll is Here to Stay

Written on July 7th, 2022 | Posted in Archives

Rockin’ ‘n’ Rollin’ Down Memory Lane Reviewed by Mary Alderson Leisa Way, along with her Wayward Wind Band, is again making the rounds with another new show. She is bringing the house down with her Rock ‘n’ Roll is Here to Stay show at the Globus Theatre, just south of Bobcaygeon. In the past she’s […]

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On Golden Pond

Written on July 6th, 2022 | Posted in Archives

An Endearing Portrayal of an Enduring Play Reviewed by Vicki Stokes On Golden Pond is a play about family and relationships, love, aging and dying. It’s no wonder it endures with its numerous universal themes. Written in 1979 by Ernest Thompson when he was 28 years old, it was adapted into a successful film. The […]

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The Great Shadow

Written on July 6th, 2022 | Posted in Archives

When Hollywood came to Trenton Reviewed by Mary Alderson I love a true story, especially in the theatre. It’s even better when that true story happened 100 years ago, and you can see history come alive. That’s what the 4th Line Theatre, south of Millbrook has done with The Great Shadow, now running until July […]

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& Juliet

Written on July 5th, 2022 | Posted in Archives

Amazing Singing & Dancing & Funny, too! Reviewed by Mary Alderson As a child growing up, I loved the Wayne & Shuster comedy specials on CBC. That’s where I first learned classic literature – The Scarlet Pimpernel became The Brown Pumpernickel, The Picture of Dorian Gray became The Picture of Dorian Wayne. And of course, […]

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Buying the Farm

Written on July 1st, 2022 | Posted in Archives

A Fun Rural Comedy Reviewed by Vicki Stokes Buying the Farm is an excellent choice for the Drayton Festival Theatre this summer. It’s a comedy and a light romance, great for the summer holidays but very relevant. Surrounded by farm country, it is a tribute to hard-working farmers who will all face inevitable change. Having […]

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Fiddler on the Loose

Written on June 25th, 2022 | Posted in Archives

An Ever-Changing, Fun-Filled Show Reviewed by Vicki Stokes It feels great to be back at the Huron Country Playhouse after such a long hiatus, and an energetic music-filled variety show is the perfect way to celebrate its 50th anniversary! Fiddler on the Loose is packed with music, dancing, and enough talent to raise the roof […]

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