What to see this summer!

Karen Fricker, the theatre critic at the Toronto Star, contacted 15 theatres in Ontario and asked them to name their best show this summer.  She has collected them in this article (click this link)
Entertain This Thought covers most of the theatres mentioned in the article and have already reviewed some of the shows listed here.  Karen suggests that a road trip might be in order.  You know how some folks travel around all summer, with the goal of seeing a game at every major league baseball stadium? Well, here’s the challenge:  See how many of these theatres you can visit, and take in a good show.  Check our reviews to pick your show, if you can’t make it to the one on this list. I must confess that I’ve only been to eight of the 15, so I need to get busy!

The linked article recommends The County Stage Company’s The 39 Steps in Prince Edward County, and Drayton Entertainment’s Kinky Boots at Huron Country Playhouse, Grand Bend.  Both reviews are posted here on this website, with more to come!




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