The Haunting of Perish Hall

A Halloween Haunting

Like a few other theatre companies, Tweed & Co. has decided to reach out to its audience with an audio play during these Covid-19 times. What better time than Halloween to make a ghostly audio play available?

Trish Black, a member of Tweed & Co. plays herself in this production.  The story opens with a flashback to a rehearsal of a musical production in the past where some cast members saw an other-worldly woman in white.  Trish takes it upon herself to find out about this apparition and who she was. 

Acting as an “investigative journalist”, she starts interviewing inhabitants of the small town of Tweed.  She is pointed in different directions by the various townspeople she talks to.  She even calls Mayor Joanne Albert who plays herself in this story. Kudos to Tweed & Co. to include a local politician who is obviously a good sport. 

The plot thickens with each interview, and I can’t reveal more here without giving it away. 

Tweed & Co. founder and Artistic Director Tim Porter plays himself, too, and manages to squeeze in acknowledgements of the theatre company’s sponsors. 

A special nod to Trish Black for the musical number she wrote and sings at the end of the play.  It’s a lovely song to close with, albeit a haunting tune.

This production sounds like an old-fashioned radio play and offers some entertaining listening.  Click the You Tube link at the bottom of this post to hear The Haunting of Perish Hall. (Yes, pun intended.  It’s the parish hall at the local church.)

For more information about Tweed & Co., go to

We look forward to the return of live theatre in Tweed. 

The Haunting of Perish Hall 
An Eerie Audio Show created by Tweed & Co.
Performed by
Trish Black as herself
Sarah Nairn as The Keeper of the Keys
Mayor Joanne Albert as herself
Paloma Nunez as Judy Smeaks
Tim Porter as himself
James King as The Bar Fly
Daniel Williston as The Groundskeeper Stephen
And as the Woman in White – Unknown.
Music by Trish Black
Produced by Tweed & Co. Theatre
Available October 31, 2020 until further notice
Reviewed by Mary Alderson
Now available on You Tube at


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