Sexy Laundry

Sex for Dummies

Note: Now on stage at St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre, St. Jacobs.

“Sex for Dummies” is now available on stage at Playhouse II in Grand Bend…not the book, but all the information that a couple who have been married 25 plus years might need.  It’s a clever comedy that provides lots of laughs, but at the same time, offers something to think about.

The show opens with Alice and Henry in a swanky hotel room, where Alice is reading Sex for Dummies and trying to get Henry on board with some new ideas.  In fact, the hotel stay is all part of Alice’s hopes to rekindle their sex life after 25 years of marriage.  Both are busy with careers and kids, and she feels they’ve been neglecting each other.  She has plans to cuddle, talk and have sex, while Henry just wants to watch the news on TV.  There are plenty of laughs as they try massage, fantasies, blindfolds, and more. Sexy Laundry 2015

But nothing seems to be helping, and the whole concept deteriorates into an argument and threats of divorce.

Sheldon Davis and Gabrielle Jones are excellent as Henry and Alice.  They are the only two characters on stage for the entire show and carry it perfectly.  They keep it funny without going over the top – even when the audience is roaring with laughter at Jones wearing a tight leather dress and tottering on stilettos, or Davis is channelling both John Travolta disco dancing and Mick Jagger strutting.  And while they make us laugh, they keep us with them when they argue, too.  They audience had a collective intake of breath when each crossed the cruelty line in a heated dispute.   In the midst of the comedy, there is a very emotional moment when it looks like the 25 year marriage might dissolve.

Full credit goes to director J. Sean Elliott, along with Davis and Jones for keeping it realistic.  It’s a gentle reminder to appreciate who and what we have.  Audience members can completely identify with the situations and recognize themselves, particularly those of the baby boomer generation.   But even if you haven’t been married 25 years, you can still appreciate this excellent presentation of a very clever script.

Sexy Laundry continues with eight shows a week until June 27 at Playhouse II, Grand Bend. Tickets are available by calling the Box Office: 519-238-6000 or Toll Free 1-855-372-9866, or check

Photo: Gabrielle Jones and Sheldon Davis in Sexy Laundry, Huron Country Playhouse II.  Photo by Darlene O’Rourke.

Sexy Laundry
By Michele Riml
Directed by J. Sean Elliott
Performed by Sheldon Davis and Gabrielle Jones
Produced by Drayton Entertainment
Please note:  This play was originally reviewed  at Playhouse II in Grand Bend.
It is now on stage at St. Jacobs Country Playhouse, St. Jacobs
September 8 to December 20, 2015
Playhouse II, Grand Bend
June 11 – 27, 2015
Reviewed by Mary Alderson


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