Port Stanley Festival Theatre 2024

Port Stanley Festival Theatre has launched its 2024 summer season line up and it is going to be a season you don’t want to miss! There is something for everyone… music, laughs, mystery,  romance and adventure!
May 21 to June 3 –  the 2023 smash hit The Beaver Club by Barb Scheffler. If you didn’t get a chance to see it last summer… They’re back!
June 4 to 15 – the universal theme of hope, love and togetherness is a musical show Funny Valentine, A Michael Buble Tribute by Jay Davis.
June 19 to July 13 – Canada’s King of comedy, Norm Foster’s new play called They’re Found in Trees. A story of friendships, ladies’ underwear, new beginnings and birds!
July 17 to August 3 – the Canadian winter sport, curling. A truly Canadian comedy by Kristen Da Silva Hurry Hard. A play about curling, underdogs and rising to the occasion!
August 7 to 24 – a magical mystery of romance and adventure in the World Premiere of Bigfoot! by Ephraim Ellis. Three intrepid explorers scour the interior rainforests of British Columbia searching for proof… truth or legend? reality or hoax?
August 28 to September 14 – season closes with a comedy about fossils, radioactive material, cows and damage control! A rural comedy, Perils of Persephone by Dan Needles.


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