Lots of Laughs with Peter ‘n’ Chris


Had great fun at the 4th Annual Big Comedy Go-To in London. Billed as a colossal collision of Sketch, Improv, Stand-Up, Monologue, Music and Comic Theatre in The Heart of Downtown London, it provides lots of laugh-out-loud good times.

I had the pleasure of seeing the comedy duo Peter ‘n’ Chris perform at The Arts Project on Saturday afternoon. They are Canada’s answer to “Flight of the Conchords”, doing crazy sketch comedy. Chris Wilson, the Chris in Peter ‘n’ Chris, is the son of my good friend Susie (Schlegel) Wilson who grew up with me near Grand Bend. Chris was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. and now makes Vancouver his home and comedy headquarters.

The pair writes and performs their own material, and does their own sound effects. They have a repertoire of a few one hour pieces and about 100 short sketches. I saw their show entitled Peter ‘n’ Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel. Spoiler alert: The Hotel Manager did it. We know that for sure as the show starts and yet we’re still captivated by the mystery. Peter and Chris tell us that they are solving mysteries just like the Hardy Boys (or was that Nancy Drew they were emulating?) and off they go. They have 2 wooden boxes on stage that can be a car, a bed or anything else they need. The show is a hilarious spoof with similarities to the Bates Motel.

The laughter continues throughout the show and audience at The Arts Project was very appreciative, having a wonderful time.

Peter ‘n’ Chris travel across Canada performing at comedy events and fringe festivals, winning awards for their great entertainment. These two young men are well on their way to Second City or Saturday Night Live, with excellent writing skills and great comedic timing.


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