Here’s to The Rowdyman

So sorry to hear of Gordon Pinsent’s passing. I remember when I was still in high school, I watched The Rowdyman, written by and starring Gordon Pinsent. I was so excited to see a Canadian movie; they were so few and far between.

Then in July 2012, I was at Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia to see his daughter, Leah Pinsent, and the late Johnathan Crombie in For The Pleasure Of Seeing Her Again and review the play. At intermission, I realized that Gordon was sitting directly behind us, along with Leah’s husband Peter Keleghan. I had the chance to chat with Gordon as we walked out of the theatre. He was very proud of Leah in the role and talked about her playing the part, not knowing I was reviewing the show. Click here to read that review: For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again.

Gordon popped up regularly on TV shows and he made many more movies. I particularly enjoyed all the Newfoundlanders in The Grand Seduction, but I remember Gordon as the grand schemer. He will be missed.

Side Note: That review of For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again still holds the record for the most read review on this website. When Jonathan Crombie died suddenly April 15, 2015, many people must have googled him on the internet. I believe that this show three years prior to his death may have been his final performance in Canada. Crombie was much loved as Gilbert Blythe in CBC’s 1985 movie Anne of Green Gables. He was also in other Anne sequels, forever linking him to the much beloved character Gilbert. Jonathan’s many fans heard the sad news and were looking for more information, creating more than 7,000 hits on that review.


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