Dennis Garnhum Returns to the Grand
with Camp Cult-Classic

Reviewed by Eden Eidt

Whodunnit? It was… a “killer” cast… with a kitschy comedy… at the Grand!

Based on the 1985 film and the family-favourite Hasbro board game, Clue tells the familiar tale of a dark and stormy night at a secluded manor where six peculiar dinner party guests, all under aliases, are served blackmail and a unique weapon. When their blackmailer turns up dead in front of them, they must investigate to discover the answer to three questions… Whodunnit? With what? And where?

Director Dennis Garnhum, former artistic director, returns to the Grand to adapt the nostalgic murder mystery with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Company for the Spriet stage. Garnhum’s expertise at creating captivating worlds with equally engaging characters is apparent through his past work (see last season’s production of Elf, or Cabaret in 2019)–and this show is no exception.

The cast features Sharon Bajer as Mrs. Peacock, Petrina Bromley as Mrs. White, Rosie Callaghan as the Cop, Kamal Chioua as the Motorist, Beau Dixon as Colonel Mustard, Alex Furber as Mr. Boddy, Jesse Gervais as Wadsworth, Toby Hughes as Mr. Green, Reena Jolly as Miss Scarlet, Tracy Penner as the Cook, Derek Scott as Professor Plum, and Rosalie Tremblay as Yvette.

Garnhum has gathered an ensemble of actors that commit to the slapstick and black comedy necessary to the spirit of the production. The actors effortlessly embody the characters we remember from playing the board game as a child, and from watching the Paramount film, but bring a fresh take to each. Not unlike Tim Curry, Gervais is the comedic powerhouse of the show and keeps the audience laughing as he leads the mayhem as the house’s butler, Wadsworth. Cartwheeling across the stage and sustaining every joke until the very (and I mean, very) end, he demonstrates a polish and confidence that demands audience attention because of his natural ability to “play” on stage.

The set, designed by Brian Perchaluk, gains a round of applause in itself as it rotates to reveal several elaborately decorated rooms on each story of the mansion that match the colours assigned to each character. Focused lighting is cleverly used to illuminate hints at the characters’ dark pasts and the sudden power outages allow clever opportunities for the body count to rise.

Boasting some spectacular design elements and a deadly hilarious cast, this production truly answers the call for pure excellence in indoor entertainment. Whether you are craving nostalgic fun, or are new to Boddy Manor, be sure to witness the mayhem for yourself… before it is too late!

Clue continues with seven shows a week at the Grand Theatre, 471 Richmond Street, London, Ontario until March 31. Call the box office at (519) 672-8800 or visit for tickets.

Photos: Jesse Gervais as Wadsworth. Company members in Clue. Photos by Dahlia Katz.

Based on the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn
Written by Sandy Rustin
Additional material by Hunter Foster and Eric Price
Based on the Paramount Pictures Motion Picture
Based on the Hasbro board game CLUE
Original music by Michael Holland
Directed by Dennis Garnhum
Performed by Sharon Bajer, Petrina Bromley, Rosie Callaghan, Kamal Chioua, Beau Dixon, Alex Furber, Jesse Gervais, Toby Hughes, Reena Jolly, Tracy Penner, Derek Scott, Rosalie Tremblay.
March 12, 2024 to March 31, 2024
Reviewed by Eden Eidt


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