New to Grand Bend’s Main Street Gallery

Written on September 17th, 2017

Water Colours Added to the Mix
of Oil and Acrylic Paintings

Exciting changes are taking place at the Art Gallery on Main Street in Grand Bend. Located in the “Sunroom” at 14 Main Street, the Gallery has been the home of Victor Alderson’s art for the past two years.  Now another artist, Mark McLean, has joined the Gallery, offering a greater selection of artwork.

Mark McLean is a watercolour and graphite artist.  Currently living in Sarnia, Mark plans to make his home in the Grand Bend area in the near future.  His watercolours range from beautiful flowers to pastoral rustic barns or snowy landscapes.  “I call my style photo representation. I take my own photographs, and use them as a reference for my work, and I hope the images are easily recognizable,” Mark says.  For example, on a trip to Europe, Mark and his wife, Norma, visited Flanders Fields.  Later Mark created a watercolour of the bright red-orange poppies.

Mark also creates graphite (pencil) sketches of derelict pickup trucks or Harley-Davidsons, as well as birds and animals.  His graphite work shows great attention to detail.  Mark’s work can be seen at  His work complements Victor’s art. 

Victor paints in oils and acrylics, from beautiful Grand Bend beach scenes and sunsets, through to still-life bouquets.  Victor also has a selection of photographic scenes. “My photos are all-natural; I don’t ‘photoshop’ them and give them unnatural colours,” Victor explains, “These photos are wonderful souvenirs showing places such as Grand Bend or Rock Glen.”  He also creates driftwood art, particularly sailboats.  Recently, he started creating scenes by pouring paint on glass for a stained glass effect.  Victor’s work can be seen at

Victor has had a Gallery in the ‘Bend for three years now.  Two years ago he moved to the current location.  “The sunroom at 14 Main Street has perfect lighting for viewing the art work,” Victor says.  The Gallery doubles as a working studio.  Victor always has a painting underway on his easel, while Mark paints or sketches at a desk.  Visitors are welcome to come in and watch them work and they always have new pieces on display.  The Gallery/Studio will be open year-round.

Victor and Mark are planning a special Open House for the afternoon of Saturday, September 30, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.  For the open house, Victor’s scenic photographs will be available at a 20 percent discount, and refreshments will be served.

“In Grand Bend, most of the restaurants and shops remain open until at least Thanksgiving, so come out for dinner and enjoy a Galley visit. You can also put October 7 & 8 on your calendar for Grand Bend’s Thanksgiving market and sidewalk sale,” Victor says, “Art makes a great gift; have a look when you’re Christmas shopping.”

Photo:  Mark McLean and Victor Alderson at the Gallery in the Sunroom at 14 Main Street in Grand Bend.


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